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8 Week Bodyweight Strength Program for Basketball Players

playing condition. Therefore, pre-hab, is a term coined to describe a series of exercises done before a player may be injured, as a proactive means to reduce the risk and overall severity of an injury. This is done by strengthening specific muscle groups and joints. The ankle is the single most injured area for basketball players.

Strength Training For Basketball - Washington Huskies

Fundamental Movement Skills necessary for athlete assesment. Lower Body: Squat 5-3-1RM Testing year round. Upper Body: Bench Press 10- 5-3-1RM Testing Year Round- and Chin Up. Total Body Strength: Power Clean 3- 1 RM Testing. Maximal Sprint Speed: 30 yard sprint. Sprint Speed Endurance: Figure 8 ...

General Weight Training Program for Basketball

Phase 1 Exercises: Barbell squat, dumbbell squat or sled hack squat Dumbbell incline bench press Romanian deadlift Dumbbell biceps arm curl Dumbbell triceps extension or machine pushdown Seated cable row Lat pulldown to the front with a wide grip Reverse crunch

Basketball Off-Season Workout: Strength and Size - stack

Day 1 Warm-up: 10-15 minutes of mobility exercises, 5-10 minutes of ankle exercises (you pick) Back Squats – 3×8-12 @ 70-80% Pause Squats – 3×4-8 @ 50-60% Lunges – 3×4-8 each leg Deadlifts (bar at knee height) – 3×4-8 Calf Raises – 3×12-15

Basketball Workouts: In-Season Workout Routine for Players

The following workout routine is a 2 days per week full body workout routine for basketball players currently in-season. The workouts were created to focus on injury prevention and lean muscle and strength maintenance. They emphasize core strength as well as muscle groups surrounding common areas of injury concern for basketball players: knees, ankles, lower back, and groin. The workout as written shouldn’t take you longer than 30 minutes to perform.

Strength, Conditioning, and Agility for Basketball Players

Basketball Conditioning Drills & Workouts for the Individual Athlete. 20 Min AT-HOME Basketball Conditioning Workout. 16 Conditioning Drills for Your Team. Strength & Weight Training. Strength Training Program for Basketball: Are You Doing it Right? 7 Essential Core Exercises for Basketball Players. 4 Strength & Conditioning Drills for ...

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