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Origin and meaning of volleyball: 1896, from volley (n.) in the sporting sense + ball (n.1). So called because the ball must be returned ... See more.

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Volleyball has come a long way from the dusty-old YMCA gymnasium of Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA, where the visionary William G. Morgan invented the sport back in 1895. It has seen the start of two centuries and the dawn of a new millennium.

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During a demonstration game, someone remarked to Morgan that the players seemed to be volleying the ball back and forth over the net, and perhaps “volleyball” would be a more descriptive name for the sport. On July 7, 1896 at Springfield College the first game of “volleyball” was played.

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Volleyball definition, a game for two teams in which the object is to keep a large ball in motion, from side to side over a high net, by striking it with the hands before it touches the ground.

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Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan, physical director of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in Holyoke, Massachusetts. It was designed as an indoor sport for businessmen who found the new game of basketball too vigorous.

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His parents were George Henry Morgan and Nancy Chatfield. b. c. First name of the Volleyball Mintonette was the original name. d. Who gave the name Volleyball Willam Morgan a P.E. director at Y.M.C.A. in 1895 was demonstrating the game when a spectator said it included a lot of "volleying" therefore it was renamed Volleyball. e.

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VOLLEY Meaning: "discharge of a number of guns at once," from French volee "flight" (12c.), from Vulgar Latin *volta,… See definitions of volley. Advertisement

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– The original name of the game of volleyball, created by William Morgan. MULTIPLE OFFENSE – A system of play using different types of sets other than just normal outside sets. OFFSIDE BLOCK – Player at the net, which is on the side away from the opponent’s attack. OFF-SPEED HIT – Any ball spiked with less than maximum force but with spin.