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Tennis Rules | Essential Guide for Playing Tennis

Scoring Sets. Typically, a tennis match is a best of three sets competition, where the first player to win two sets wins the... Games. A player wins a set when they reach a total of six games, but they must win by two games. If players reach a tie... Points. A player wins the game once they reach ...

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Rules of Tennis The game starts with a coin toss to determine which player must serve first and which side they want to serve from. The server must then serve each point from alternative sides on the base line. At no point must the server’s feet move... If the server fails to get their first serve ...

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Rackets, which are approved for play under the Rules of Tennis, must comply with the specifications in Appendix II. The International Tennis Federation shall rule on the question of whether any racket or prototype complies with Appendix II or is otherwise approved, or not approved, for play.

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Other Tennis Rules You Must Know 1. Racquet and Contact With Player’s Body. When a player hits a shot, the racquet must be in contact with their body. If... 2. Players Can’t Touch the Ball or Net. The player can only use the racquet to hit the ball towards the other side. If... 3. The No-Ad Rule. ...

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When in play, the player cannot touch the net or net post, or cross over onto the opponent’s side of the court. If they do, this player will lose the point. A player can only hit the ball once before returning it to the other side of the net. The boundary lines of the court are considered part of the court.

Tennis Scoring: Points, Sets & Games | Tennis Rules | USTA

Scoring Points & Tennis Sets. Australian Open: Final set. First to 10 points, tiebreak at 6-6. French Open: Final set. Advantage set, with no tiebreak. Wimbledon: Final set. First to 7 points, tiebreak at 12-12. US Open: Final set. First to 7 points, tiebreak at 6-6.

Tennis Rules: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners [UPDATED]

Tennis is played on a rectangular court, in which there is a net in the middle of the ground. Players have to land the ball in the opponent’s area over the net (without touching it) within the lines. And, if the opponent is not able to smash the ball back to the player’s area, the player gets the point for it.

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The game is played until one player is two games ahead. Tiebreak. The tie-break is a special service game that is played when the score is 6: 6. In order to win a tie-break and thus the set, you need seven points according to the tennis rules. The player who was the receiver in the game before the tie-break may start.