Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Release plan checklist

When I build release plans, or even look at release plans of other projects, I end up running through a checklist of things in my mind, to determine if it is good enough. If you are an Agile PM trying to build a plan, this could be useful for you.

Iterations Is the length of the iteration enough to be able to complete a medium size story within it ?

Do the number of iterations fit well within the acceptable timeline ?

Can we assume a production quality build after every iteration ?
Estimation Are the stories sized relatively ?

Does the team understand the estimation unit across all roles ?
Velocity Is the planned velocity, the average velocity of last 3 iterations ?

If its a new project, are we planning based on a raw velocity exercise ?

Are team members across roles in planning the velocity ?
Resource ramp up Is there time  factored in  for new people to ramp up on the team ?
Ordering of stories Are the stories ordered around the critical path functionality ? (Always remember the critical path determines the schedule)

Are the higher priority stories slotted for earlier iterations ?

Are the stories ordered so that they meet any functional or technical dependencies?
Negotiable Scope Are there some “nice to have” stories in the plan which can be later negotiated if need be to bring the project on track ?
Spikes / Proof of Concepts For technical unknowns, are there spike stories which allow the team to explore technical solutions ?
Non functional requirements Is there clarity on requirements for Performance, Security, Scalability and how they are going to be addressed ?
Functional Automation Will developers do functional automation as a part of a story or this will be done as a part of QA ?
Regression/Stabilization Is there a need for a separate regression/stabilization iteration once the development is complete ?
User Acceptance Testing How much time is required to UAT the set of stories the team will deliver ?
Risks Does the team understand how much risk is there in the plan ?

Are these risks shared with the customer ?

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  1. good list. I guess missing some bits on the people front - leaves, crazies in your team, rotations etc., but a lot can be covered under "Resource ramp up".