Saturday, May 1, 2010

What's next that can go wrong ?

When developers on my team are developing the next priority feature, testers trying to break the application, I am busy looking at what is the next possible thing that can stop the teams progress. There is that one area in the application which can possibly bring up a big performance issue and I have no one looking at it yet. There is a UAT phase coming, and some services have not yet been integrated and we might get a lot of surprises when it is too late to recover.

I have started enjoying this as a project manager. Think , think and try to think of things that no one else is thinking just yet. And I know I cant just get into every bit of detail, I will have to trust the leads from each role to ensure that all aspects are covered. I ask my QA lead atleast once a day about what we should be doing 2 weeks from now. He is currently busy getting QAs to test critical features which developers are churning out, but a peep into the near future helps him reassess his plans and make correction. He tells me he needs a few new test environments which were not planned earlier, and I immediately make a note of it. We quickly catchup on plans for shipping future builds and expectations I as a PM should be setting with our customers.

Looking into the future and managing risks becomes a routine task for me. Getting the team to be ready for the next uphill task becomes a big motivation in itself.