Saturday, February 28, 2009

One for the environment !

It all started when I was sticking a story card up on our story wall, and someone shouted "Dude, how many trees are cut because of our story wall !"

Today our team planted around 21 saplings near JP Nagar 7th phase with the help of TreesForFree The team outing was unique and immensely satisfying for everyone. In fact we decided that from now on we will plant one tree per story we deliver in a release ! (Sripad, who played a key role in organizing this outing, wanted to go to the extreme of 1 tree per story point !)

Apoorv has blogged more about the outing here.

I strongly urge all you agilists out there, who love your story wall so much, atleast plant one sapling, to heal the earth !

(It is hard work in the sun !)