Sunday, December 7, 2008

Team racing challenge with our application

So it was a lazy Friday of a hectic week and I found myself dazed with all the meetings I had been through all this week. To pep up the spirits I coaxed my team members to take up a racing challenge where they will try to book a return train ticket in record time. The fastest one, gets a 1000/= gift voucher.

It was lucky that we did it in a meeting room around lunch time, since the excitement this created within the team was amazing. We had a stop watch going and people were cheering each other frantically. People had to go through at least 7 screens to actually buy a ticket from the web application. Some people got confused with a few screens which sure showed how usable the app was. A few others were trying to use the keyboard shortcuts in the app, some of which did not work that well.

In all among Devs, BAs and QAs .. it was a a Dev who made a booking in record time of 2 min 26 secs. Half n hour of good team fun !