Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's in a role ?

We are a team of over 100 people. While it is scary, we try to do our best to be as Agile as possible. And it is common sense to most that scaling Agile to fit large teams is quite a difficult task. But while we are at it, one of the things that keeps striking me, is the number of roles we ended up carving out for various teams on a big account. For some reason we have the following roles.. Program Manager, Project Manager, Agile Coach, Release Manager, Business Strategist, Release Analyst, Tech Lead, Lead Analyst, Lead QA... whew !

The other day I was going through this article in Dr Dobbs and one thing which stuck me was the naming of roles they used in organizing large teams. Having someone as a Product Owner, Team Coach, and Technical Owner, gives a feeling to me that roles have more ownership and are not doing vague things as managers. Having team coaches instead of project managers motivates someone playing that role to focus a lot more on building a great team than just crunching numbers for a project.

When I told someone about this, they just felt it was stupid. Maybe I am reading too much into the article and the role game itself.

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